About us

Tally is a Customized Accounting Software manufactured by M/s. Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd Bangalore, is used for the purpose of computerized maintenance of books of accounts in a Complete, Simple & systematic manner. It has many features like Accounting Features, Inventory Features, Statutory & Taxation Features, Payroll Management, Audit Featuers, TSS Features, Add-On Features, Remote ID Access Features, SMS Features, E-WayBill Features, E-Invoicing Features, TRIB Access Features etc. It will be suitable for many kind of organizations.

We Praveen Loyed Dsouza, having a Sole Proprietary concern M/s. Dsouza Invest & Fin Advisory Services are proudly & glad to announce you that we are an Star Associate Partner of M/s. Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd Bangalore to market tally products since 14 years. Our main motto is not only a customer satisfaction at the time of first time activations, but also to create better customer friendly relations & give better tally services to the tally customers at the time of TSS Renewals & Upgradations.